About Us

Lady St. Lucia

The Lady

Lady St. Lucia was created and established by Angela Cho, an experienced marketing and product developer, specializing in the cosmetics industry. With years of experience from behind-the-scenes to retail, Angela’s vision was to produce a high-quality brand that exceeds the expectations of the consumers’ market at an affordable price.

After years of mindfully curating a vision and thoroughly researching elements to bring to life, a concept was born. Heavily embodying an artistic visual, the main concept was created with the basic idea that the cosmetics industry is highly driven based on the consumer’s perspective of aesthetics and function. With this knowledge and resources, Lady St. Lucia was then formed into a team of dedicated professionals who would stop at nothing to bring the luxury to the market without breaking the consumer’s financial ability to enjoy premium products.

By usual standards of the market in general, most consumers inhabit the idea that terms such as “low cost” or “affordable” typically conveys low-quality items, but we at Lady St. Lucia would like to assure our current and future loyal followers that our love and respect for great quality products will never fall under par and will always uphold to the highest of standards.

Due to years of  experience and amicable relationships with our direct resources, we’re able to provide our loyal members and shoppers the finest items that the industry can offer at the most desirable price points.


How We Are Cruelty-Free ♥

The grooming and collecting process of the mink hairs is before and during shedding season to retrieve the finest quality of hairs. It is then processed for production. Just like how we must take care of ourselves with nutrition and other healthy regimens, the same concept apply to our furry friends - In order to achieve the highest quality of mink hairs and to continue producing healthy hairs, the animals are raised, kept safe and immensely cared for to insure and maintain their health for continuous reproduction of quality furs. 


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